Day 244: Getting All Worked Up To Relax


Get ready, get set, relax!

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.” Sydney J. Harris

Planning a vacation can be quite fun, especially when going to a new country and when wanting to learn something in the process.  My family and I have been privileged to see many parts of the world and to learn about its wonderful people.  Those times are few, yet memorable; it’s the unexpected vacations, however, that get me more off track.

We’ve just begun our school year and are right in the middle of one of our busy times.  In an effort to get better acquainted and to build team unity, we’re all heading up to a resort for a day of learning and fun.  This must be “the time to relax” that Sydney Harris refers to in the quote above.

Relaxing means something different to each person.

Relaxing can mean, getting to know someone where a real connection is made.  I don’t know what the week-end holds, but I’m looking forward to getting to know someone better.  I love that we have new staff, and I look forward to learning something new from them.

Relaxing can mean, learning something that puts our minds at ease.  I have high hopes to learn something new from the speaker that will share with us.  I hope to gain a new and fresh perspective.  That usually relaxes me.

Relaxing can mean, taking a break from routine to discover that you needed to relax after all.  I hope that this unexpected break brings relaxation instead of more stress.  I know it will at least be fun, because I’m bringing my husband along.

On this trip, I’m not sure what will happen or how it will all pan out.  I’ve not planned for it or even looked at the schedule.  Perhaps I’m relaxed already.

How would you enjoy an unexpected, but required retreat?


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