Day 252: What Should You Say When Beauty Is Lacking?


Yes, that will be perfect in the corner of the rock garden!

“Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them.” David Hume

On occasions we have to decorate apartments.  That includes choosing paint colors and coordinating beds, spreads, pillows, with some existing accoutrements that must stay.  Looking at what we had to work with, I chose paint that I thought should look beautiful and a bit different.

Not everyone agrees with my choices which typically disturbs me a bit.  However, I told my husband that once the place is decorated, he’ll love it.

Beauty is quite similar.  What one person finds beautiful, others might find repulsive or just so so.  That’s why artists typically work together.  They can show their work to one another and live with quite a bit of ambiguity until the finished product presents itself.

What should you say when beauty is lacking?

Find something to like or shut up. I have a narrow thinking relative who states her true opinion however rude it may be.  Artists never flourish in settings where these people exist.  If one wants to be around real creatives, they’ll need to keep an open mind and move away from those who know little but think they know much.

It’s perfect for this season. To encourage a creator, it’s best to find a time to use the work.  Think where the art fits in perfectly and comment on it.

Where should we hang it? Find a place to make it work.  In the right setting, most pieces can be appreciated.  The real creatives can find places where the work looks best.

What have you done to encourage creativity in your friends and students?


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