Day 255: Three Ways To Plan For Design


Design combines art, function, craft and structure.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs

A designer thinks differently.  They may not be great mathematicians, but their use of space can impress.

Every occupation where people show passion for work has a need for good design.

Teachers design ways for students to attain knowledge.  They think about how students will acquire what they need.  Then, they design the activities, the environment, and sometimes the materials.  Students use the design and obtain objectives.

Store managers design the space, the flow of people, and the unique personnel to direct the sales effort.

In every department, design and those who do it well, should be a top consideration.  How can you inspire this idea in your co-workers?

1. Provide ample time during the incubation stage. One way to insure good design is to imagine many perfect setups.  Dream time can often encourage creative design.   Giving plenty of time up front opens doors to innovation.

2. Consider many options. In the beginning, it’s usually best to take every wild idea and throw it onto the board.  After considering lots of options, some beautiful design can take place.

3. Ask for help from those who do it with excellence.  Watching creative people work together invigorates.  Creative people are comfortable with ambiguity and this helps them innovate in different ways.

If you lead, make design a high priority and others will notice.

What design do you find innovative?


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