Day 256: Are You From The Sticks? 10 Traits We Have in Common


Test yourself and see if you have the traits of those of us from "the sticks."

There’s a certain camaraderie among those of us who know we’re from “the sticks.” We ban together when things go wrong, and we cheer for each other when things go well.  When someone from “the sticks” makes it big, we are proud.  Shoot, we might even name a hot dog after them!

Here are a few of the traits we have in common:

1. We’re more familiar with spellcheck than others, and we let other people correct our grammar.

2. We know what CAT stands for, and we have at least one cap in our house bearing those letters.

3. We don’t look down on people, and we greatly dislike those who do.

4. We know how to work, to clean dishes, to burn the trash, and to find water with a forked stick.

5. We eat all parts of the chicken, and we pull the wishbone after we clean our plates.

6. We say “thank you,” “please,” “yes ma’am,” and “yes sir.”

7. We have a variety of weapons available for killing unexpected snakes.

8. We have at least seen an outhouse.

9. We have many uses for leftover corn cobs.

10. We can paint a barn red.

The list goes longer than this, but if you related to these traits, the chances are you’re one of us.  The next question would be, “Where in ‘the sticks’ are you from?”*

*If you corrected that question, you’re probably not from “the sticks.”


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