Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured


Textures give it magic.

“The past becomes a texture, an ambience to our present.” Paul Scott

The sound, the feel, and the smell of our past catch us unexpectedly.  Without much control of them, events can shape us– giving an unusual texture.

As I watch my coworkers, I’m often amazed.  Some have a depth, a wisdom, which I find admirable.  Others present themselves as nieve and innocent.  When stories begin, we unravel the mystery behind each mask.

It is said that in the future, there will be no secrets.  All that has been spoken will be known.  I wonder what we will learn about each other then?

Being textured comes about with time and experience.  Those who shine the brightest are the ones who have learned to polish each layer as they attain them.


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  1. Smell is very strong for me when it comes to going back to the past. The other day i could smell the aroma of the gravy we had when I went nursery ( which was quite a few decdes ago!) Isn’t it interesting that I have no association with that smell in any other contexts!

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