Day 259: Up and Down: This Roller Coaster Needs To Stop


Enjoy the ride!

“It’s been a rollercoaster life but it hasn’t been boring.” Cynthia Payne

If you teach, perhaps you’ve had one of those classes.  For the last two years I’ve been in that boat.  It’s a class that requires a lot of team building, tender loving care, coaching, and celebrating successes.  It’s a class with lots of strong personalities struggling to be number one.

I love my class, but I’m finding that not everyone loves to see them coming.  They were in trouble in the library, but in music, they earned 10 notes (an unheard of accomplishment).  “What is it about them?” I asked myself. They’re schizophrenic.  They’re pivotal.  The behavior is either really awesome or really the pits.  They are either hot or cold.  They are not lukewarm!

Life is often up and down with a few steady sections.  We go up and are thrilled; we come down and are discouraged.  If you find it too steady, that might be the time to get off.

When your life gets too dull, why not throw in a few kinks:

1. Take a risk you’ve been hoping to take. If you try, you’ve only your boredom to lose.  Sitting around in a rocking chair is certainly not the way to have an existence.  Save those times for when sickness comes, and you can’t get up.  Living people ought to be living.

2. Do something sacrificial for a person who needs help.  Time and again we see that people who give are some of the happiest people on earth.  For some reason, the more they give away, the more they seem to get.

3.Care for the orphans, the widows, the poor, and the sick.  Jesus actually commanded us to do the work of His father which included caring for those in these categories.  We know it’s right.  Our laws are established to help teach us to care for those in need.  Yet, we benefit most when we take personal action.

I don’t believe that God created us just to chug along.  I’m sure He intends for us to live life with gusto.


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