Day 266: You Don’t Send Me Postcards Anymore


Hey, Hey, Wait a minute Mr. Postman!

Remember postcards? I didn’t even know they still sold them, so I had to snap this picture when I saw a stand full.

Think about it, though.  Why would we send a postcard?  We buy them for the picture that we didn’t take ourselves.  Then, we write a note on the back and pay for it to travel around and be read by whoever wishes to read it.

It’s not much different from this digital post.  Anyone can read it, but will they? As opposed to the postcard, we want people to read our digital posts.  So how can we accomplish that?

We could take a few lessons from the old postcards:

1. Seal it with a kiss.  If I were a postman and a postcard came by with lip prints on it, I’d need to read that card.  I wonder how a virtual kiss might look? We need to think of ways to add our virtual kiss to each post.

2. Have a catchy picture. Unlike postcards, I don’t like to use other people’s pictures, because I’m a little lazy to learn the legal aspects. If I take my own pictures, I know they belong to me.  It also forces me to observe things more closely.

3.Write something juicy.  I guess that tags and titles would be our equivalent to postcard words that stand out.  I know I haven’t learned all about the power of tags, but I do know that an interesting title can help.

Though I don’t have a high traffic post, I sure have enjoyed getting to know people through this experience.

If you’ve thought about sending a few virtual postcards, I suggest you join our Post-a-Day or Post-a-Week groups at WordPress.  It’s free, fun, and a supportive place to share your digital postcards.


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