Day 272: Save the Turtles and Other Fun Things To Teach Children


Save the turtles!

“Anytime you see a turtle up on top of a fence post, you know he had some help.” Alex Haley

Teaching brings out the best in the right type of person.  It’s not all about creativity or performance, but it does have a lot to do with enthusiasm.

My teacher once said that great teachers have a big heart and love children.  He was exactly right.  The bottom line is that children know whether or not you love them.  If you win them over with your love, they are with you and will be willing to tramp the woods at a simple request.

Yesterday was one of those amazing days in class.  Using a new twist from an idea in a very old book, Push Back the Desks, our class saved the turtles at the Turtle Bay Grammar Hospital.  Giving full training to all of the interns the day before, they used their doctor-like clipboards to take notes about how to operate on those turtles.  The paper turtles had two sentences on the shells that needed joined together with a comma, and a conjunction.  During the surgery, the students used dissection kits to cut away the period and capital letter as well as to surgically tape in the comma and the conjunction.  Afterwards, the little vets had to write a “post op” report about the surgery and what they did to the patient.

Though we often use old ways to teach, today’s technology really assists students in ways that were unheard of in the past. Have a look at our Turtle Bay Glogster ( an on-line poster), based on our reading story, Turtle Bay.

If we think about how we might like to learn something, I believe we’ll find that children are not all that different.

Also, if the teacher’s having fun, the students usually are too.


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