5 Ways to Choose in a Dilemma


How do you choose well?“No one knows what he can do until he tries.” Publilius Syrus

Wise people give us good advice, but in the end, we have to make the decision.  I’ve come to a dilemma.  Neither option seems very exciting at the moment.  By making no decision, I’ve chosen one path, but choosing the other is a long steep hill.

I’m the kind of person who takes some time to decide, but once I’m committed, I plan to finish. This time, there are many factors that play into the decision.  I’ll need to choose well.

How do you choose?  Are there dilemmas that keep you perplexed?

1. Seek advice from others.  There are surely times when we need wise counsel from those who know and love us.  Knowing who is a good advisor is indeed a part of making good choices as well.  Who do you ask for wise advice?

2. Weigh the pros and cons.  Many people make a list to decide.  I rarely choose this method, but I do wrestle with pros and cons on a list in my head.  Weighing the cost is certainly important before we delve into a new task.

3. Pray and ask God for clarity.  As I’ve grown in my faith, I find that prayer and spending time with God  is the surest way to get direction.  God does speak to His children in ways that others have trouble understanding.

4. Toss a coin. In small decisions and in two equally good or bad options, I suppose a coin toss would solve the dilemma.

5. Go by your gut feeling.  I don’t often rely on my gut for decisions.  It’s not my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  I do, however, admire those who make good decisions based on a gut feeling.

All of these are good ways to choose in the appropriate situation.  We might determine our choice by any number of methods.  My dilemma will require a lot of pondering, where others might not.

Do you usually make wise decisions?  How do you make good choices?


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