Day 281: Too Much Of A Good Thing


Raindrops keep falling on my head!

Rain can come at the best times.  It causes growth.  It cleanses; it cleans my car.  We rely on rain and despise drought.  Yet, too much of a good thing can destroy.

Here in Bangkok, we’re waiting for the flood.  We’ve been warned.  We’ve prepared.  We’re hoping for the best.

Last night, I rested well to the sound of rain on the roof, knowing full well that just an hour away, many are suffering severely.  They’ve lost homes, rice crops, and even family members.  Though flooding and drought are parts of our yearly lives, weeks like this one are difficult to appreciate.

Here are several results when there is too much of a good thing:

1. Too much pride can cause a fall.

2. Too much money begets greed.

3. Too much power becomes haughty.

4. Too much authority produces a controller.

5. Too much food creates a glutton.

6. Too much sleep causes one to be lazy.

7. Too much work makes Jack a dull boy.

Today, we hope for rain in our hearts and not so much on our land.  May God provide for our needs in good proportion.  Of what good thing do you tend to have too much?

“Healing rain is a real touch from God. It could be physical healing or emotional or whatever.”  Michael W. Smith


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