Day 284: Soup, Socks, And A Vicks Cloth


Find the perfect remedy for that cold.

“A cold in the head causes less suffering than an idea.” Jules Renard

Lately, I’ve had both a cold and an idea to deal with, and I’m not completely sure about Renard’s conclusion.  It is interesting, however, the many ways people believe we can rid ourselves of colds.

When I feel badly, I like being comforted.  My favorite place to be is back with my family having Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, Sprite, and Tylenol.

Now that I have my own family, I’ve enjoyed listening to remedies others use:

Soup – Here in Asia, people believe in hot soup like I do.  In fact, with a cold, we are not to drink anything cold as that will just make the cold worse.  Lot’s of warm water, warm soup, and rest will bring on healing.

Socks – Here’s a new one from my student’s family which I try when I’m really sick.  Rub Vicks Salve on your feet and wear socks at night.  It sounds just crazy enough to try.  Because I love this sweet student, I usually report to her whenever I’ve used her family remedy and she seems pleased about it.

Vicks Cloth – My father is a firm believer in Vicks Salve as is my mother-in-law.  Whenever any of the children are sick, she rubs Vicks on them and attaches a cloth to their necks.  I remember seeing my youngest daughter fight it, “I’m not wearing that. I’ll not wear it.” I looked up and my mother-in-law had successfully attached the cloth to her little stubborn neck.

The bottom line is probably that a cold will run its course, but don’t we all feel that doing something to bring on healing will help us with our ailments?

What funny remedies have you heard or used?


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  1. I always use Vicks on the chest without a cloth, airborne, and lots of water and rest. Thankfully I don’t get colds very often, maybe once every year or two. But next time I will try the Vicks and socks remedy especially if my feet are cold!

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