Organize Your Ideas On A Glogster: It’s Fun And It’s Free


Happy Glogging, everyone!

The sound of the word “Glogster” might throw you off, but its organizing qualities are a must for anyone educating or presenting for others.  I first heard of Glogster in an educational article a few years ago.  I quickly played around with the program and found it to have amazing benefits for presentations.

In Glogster, you can easily draw together a number of resources in a poster-style format.  Let’s say you’d like to make a presentation on clean water.  In this presentation, you’d like to show a few video clips, provide some links to some useful information,  throw in some of your own pictures, and even record your voice.  You’d also like your listeners to have access to this information after you finish your presentation.  A Glogster’s the perfect tool for you.  Unlike the power point, which has been overused, it also brings eye candy to those who watch the presentation.  Another advantage is that it is hosted online.  You can see it from anywhere and you’ll only need to give your listeners the web URL to go to your full presentation.  You can make the Glog public or private.  Your private Glogs can be shared with whomever you give the address.

Think of Glogster as an online poster.  For your presentation, you’d like the audience to see the whole poster while you guide them around your discussion.  That’s what Glogster provides.  You chose the subject, put some fancy graphics around it, connect it to your links and videos, but show everything from one place.  If you’ve watched any of the Harry Potter series, it’s something like those moving pictures in the hallway.  You get the idea that if you press any of them, they’re going to send you off somewhere and tell you an interesting story.  Glogster does this same thing in a visually appealing way.  You simply press the text, and you can take the audience wherever you like.  When you finish, you’ll be right back on the home poster.  Here’s an art and language Glog I made to help children learn grammar as they learn about Picasso.

Glogster is hosted online and the basic private version is completely free.  You can send the links of your private glogs to anyone you like.  Should you want to add students to your package, there are other options available to you.  I suggest you begin with the private version today and see if you don’t fall completely in love with Glogster’s features as I have.

If you’re a teacher and not using Glogster, sign up here today and do a little homework yourself!  Happy Glogging, everyone!


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    • Good for you! You are a go getter and very inspiring to me! If you have any questions, do ask right away. I’ve been making Glogs for about 2 years now.

      Hey, if you like, I can send you a free trial for you and for your teacher friends. It gives you the premium version for free for a month. You still don’t have to buy it. You can revert to the free version after the trial. Then your teachers can test it out with students. Let me know how I can help. I’ve used the free version for two years with no problems.

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