Getting The Most Out Of Fake Food


Do you prefer a sweet or a savory pastry?

Here in Asia, we appreciate the finer things of life.  Since people tend to watch their weight, well-made fake foods help everyone make the best or at least the most luscious looking selections.

Fake foods are quite an art form.  Some come so close to the real thing, you need to touch it to see that it’s not real.  Other foods look hideous, especially those with thick gravies on top.

An interesting thing about these foods is that some of them I’d never consider eating except that I saw the fake food.  I guess that’s the whole point.  For example, would you eat that pastry with eggs?  Neither would I, but the banana cream doesn’t look so bad at all.  The strategy works.  Pitting something fairly good-looking against something that looks pretty disgusting might make me reconsider the better looking option.

Am I in the mood for the Ramen Set?

Another interesting thing is how these fake foods make me stop and pay attention.  Though it may be a food I’d never pick out on a menu, stopping and examining it, does make the brain think it over.

That Ramen Set looks pretty good.  I wonder if it’s cheap?  Would I eat a Ramen Set if I had to pay much money for it?  Not likely, since Ramen noodles are about the cheapest thing in the market anyway. However, looking at it in fake form from time to time does and will start to grow on my brain.  If I look at this fake food enough, I might actually buy it at this restaurant instead of paying about a quarter and making it myself.  I do love rice and Asian soups.  I’d ask them to leave off the  boiled egg on top and the fried egg side dish.  Will I buy it? Only my brain and my willpower know the answer.

I'll take one of each, please.

Now here’s an amazing set.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  This set looked so real, I had to touch it to be sure it wasn’t.  It was fake, but looked good enough to eat.  If we’d not already eaten, we may have ordered one of each dish.

When we first came to Thailand, these fake foods would have been helpful.  We were learning Thai, so we had to order one dish of food that we had spent thirty minutes learning to say.  It motivated us to learn more since we’d need to order it over and over again until we learned to order something new.  The fake food would have helped.  After all, we all know how to point disrespectfully.

I guess that’s the bottom line.  Food does motivate us in one way or another.  With that in mind, it might be fun to work at a fake food factory.  Does a restaurant send over a whole bunch of food so that the fake food artists can sit around and reproduce it?  I wonder how well those guys control their weight?

Would you like to own a fake food factory?  It’s something to think about.  Though you may make fake foods all day, it’s possible that you may never have to buy your own.


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