Day 301: Travel The World Cities In a Single Stop


Visit Golden Gate Bridge in the heart of Bangkok.

“I have never felt salvation in nature. I love cities above all.” Michelangelo

Bangkok is hot in the news right now for more than one reason.  A new stop, Terminal 21, brings the excitement of world cities under one roof.  Besides the fact that Bangkok is under flood alert, travel to these world cities might be in order.

I know that the last thing Bangkok needs is another shopping mall, but these developers managed to give us another photo-op that provides fun for all.  If you love Paris, San Francisco, London, or Tokyo, take a nostalgic stroll down these city streets by simply moving from floor to floor.  There, you will find each level uniquely decorated to bring the city’s charm alive through foods, fashion, and design.

You might also be surprised that the “powder room” claims a hot spot on each floor.   I prefer to make pit stops in Tokyo, since I can warm my buns on the lavish Japanese toilets there.  Be sure to plan in advance though, since the fresh excitement has created long lines in these charming personal parlors.

If you love cities like I do, Terminal 21 is a must-see.  With a camera and the price of a few stops on Bangkok’s BTS, you’ll find this form of world travel quite reasonable.


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