Day 308: Inspired by Excellence


The opening of IKEA did not disappoint!

This has been a whirlwind of a week and is ending on another upbeat note.  Tonight, we have the privilege of attending a concert performed by excellent musicians.  Though we would be willing to pay for it, it’s free.

That’s what I’ve enjoyed all week long.  Even though floods are all around us, there are still some wonderful things happening in our city.

IKEA opened yesterday.  We have been waiting for the opening of this amazing store for years now.  I don’t think IKEA was prepared for the flood of people who caused them to sell out of hot dog buns and who kept the restaurant and stores hopping all day long.  IKEA’s long awaited opening did not disappoint.  I walked until my feet were aching and still wanted to go back today.

Euodia Ensemble performs tonight.  Last year, I was pleasantly surprised not only by a wonderful group of violin players, but also by an outstanding singer and guitar player.  I didn’t understand a word he sang, as it was in Japanese, but I was mesmerized by this outstanding group.

We are providing learning to our students during a complete school close down.   This is a wonderful time in education. It is amazing to think that in a few short hours, we can provide opportunities for students to learn completely on-line.   Providers such as Glogster, Google Docs, and free websites such as WordPress and Google Sites have allowed us to freely communicate with parents and with students easily.

I was so excited about all of these events, that I almost forgot to send out my post today!  What kinds of excellence have you experienced lately?


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