Day 309: Three Ways That Charismatic People Bring Hope


A hopeful message is always welcome!

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” Maya Angelou

Charisma is not something to take for granted.  It is a gift that some have and if used properly can bring hope to the hopeless.

Last night, I watched an older Japanese pop star mesmerize a crowd.  Though his whole concert was in Japanese, he had a kind of magic that cast a spell on us all.  What is it he has? My brain couldn’t quit asking.

Here are some things I was able to put my finger on:

1. He knew how to connect to the audience.  The concert got exciting when the artist played his hit song, but he drew us like a magnet when he talked with the audience.  This Japanese artist told about the debt he could never repay.   During the tsunami, earthquake, and nuclear accident, he said that the Thai people had been very generous.  Then, he told how his heart is going out to them in this difficult time of flooding in Thailand.  After delivering several words of hope, he sang a popular Thai folk song.  This was not an easy feat.  The Thai language is full of interesting tones and sounds, and I’m sure the singer had spent a long time learning it for the concert.  Yet, this was another way that he was able to connect to them at a deep level.

2. He spoke with enthusiasm and humility.  He spoke, not as a show-off, but as a humble friend.  Even I felt on occasion that he was speaking directly to me, though I sat in the nose-bleed section.  Many misunderstand how to encourage others.  They often try to impress with their achievements, but this master knew to capture a group with just the opposite–enthusiasm and humility.

3. He used his skills to deliver a message of hope.  As this excellent singer entertained us all, I thought about how I had seen Bob Hope and others go to entertain the troops overseas.  Using our gifts to bring hope to others is very important.

Last night, I enjoyed more than a great concert.  I learned from a master storyteller the importance of bringing a message of hope to the discouraged.  Whenever we visit those who are sick, in prison, discouraged, and poor, we need to be bringing them a message of hope.

Do you know of someone who is full of charisma?


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    • You are absolutely an encourager, Julia! I’m so very impressed with all you do! This guy was just amazing. I couldn’t even understand what he was saying until it got translated into Thai, but he was really amazing!

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