Day 310: Do You Believe In Luck?


This cat is a symbol of good fortune and luck. The moving hand calls us to enter the shop and buy something.

“Care and diligence bring luck.” Thomas Fuller

Some people seem to be lucky.  My son and I entered our names in the sold out show of Wicked on Broadway for three different nights.  You have to understand how it works in order to know just how unlucky we were.

The front row seats of these shows are reserved for the poor and the lucky.  Basically, you show up in a line at a given time before the show.  You write your name down on a card.  If your name is drawn, you may buy up to two of the 26 front row seats for $26 dollars each.

On three nights we waited with excitement for one of our names to be called.  We knew that we were likely to be called because the crowd was small.  Besides, we couldn’t afford regular priced tickets even if the show hadn’t been sold out. Yet, they didn’t call out either of our names–not on three different nights.   What were the chances that someone could put in two cards for 13 draws on three nights and not get drawn out?  We must have been two of the most unlucky people standing there on that third night.

We could say that we were unlucky, yet our night ended very well.  After meeting a relative for a nice dinner, we walked down to the theatre showing Mary Poppins just before the show started.  We purchased very cheap tickets and were able to move up to an available booth to enjoy the show. From where we were sitting, we could almost touch Mary when she flew up into the sky.  What fun was that?

I never believe much in luck, but I do believe in God’s providence.  In all of the wonderful and the difficult things that have happened in life, I tend to see God’s hand working to help me grow from each experience.

Everyone has good and bad things that happen in life, but when we look for good, we tend to see some of the positive things that are happening too.

Do you believe in luck?


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  1. I’ve often wondered about that moving hand. Somehow it doesn’t fit my stereotype of Asia. I feel they are above all that! I used to believe in luck but as I’ve got older I understand that you make your own most of the time!

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