Day 312: Have a Ball Helping Others (an Em-Ball)


Would you like to help clean our flood waters?

“If you have some respect for people as they are, you can be more effective in helping them to become better than they are.” John W. Gardner

In the wake of the flood, many are helping in different and important ways.  Some have provided housing for those who are flooded.  Schools have provided safe havens for those in need.  Others are providing food packages to help those needing food and water.  Over the weekend though, I saw a large group of people helping in quite an unusual way.

Hundreds of people gathered in a major shopping mall to make 100,000 EM Balls.  What’s an Em Ball?  Well that’s a question we asked.  They are clay-like balls made of good microorganisms, clay, and rice husks.  Other variations of the recipe are being used with molasses and with ceramic powder. Pressed together, they can be thrown into polluted water to perform some natural clean-up.

We know that microorganisms are good for breaking down manure, decayed animals, and other natural resources to turn them into nitrogen in our soil.  This same idea is being used to improve the flood waters around Bangkok.

We stopped to talk to a group of students who were preparing about 100 balls.  How did they hear about the project?  They, like us, were just passing through and decided they wanted to help the cause.  In the process, they each became the “knower” explaining to us how the Em-Balls work.

This is the perfect way to help.  Not only does it allow people to contribute to helping our country, but it also educates us about using natural resources to clean the environment.  I, for one, am proud of the Em-Ball rollers.  I hope the contaminated flood waters will all be clean because of these great efforts!

What are some unique ways in which you’ve seen people helping people?


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