Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows


Would you like to work behind these windows?

“I believe in the imagination. What I cannot see is infinitely more important than what I can see.” Duane Michals

Windows are more interesting when we can almost see inside.  I’ve been surprised at the changes I’ve made since the opening of a hotel out our back window.  Until recently, we lived in a fairly secluded place, but now, I have to keep in mind that someone might be watching even as I write this post.

In the beginning, the guests didn’t realize that their tinted windows were see-through.  Unfortunately, we had several unexpected shows going on in the windows that opened to our back yard.  Now though, it seems the hotel has made the guests aware that we would rather them keep the curtains closed when privacy is needed.

Windows give a view that feeds the imagination.  I actually find windows important, especially at work.  When I was younger and working in the San Francisco Bay Area, I worked in an office with a wall that was a window onto a small waterfront.  It was a beautiful place to work and the scenery inspired me.

Windows bring in natural light.   As a teacher, I’ve found myself in five different classrooms in the last seven years.  Each time I get the keys to my new room, the first thing I do is open all of the windows.  Letting the light in frees the imagination and helps our brain cells.

Windows allow us to see enough to imagine something more.  Several years ago, we’d eat weekly at a Sizzler that overlooked a set of executive apartments.  From week to week, we’d see just enough of an apartment to make it interesting.  We’d imagine how the bedroom must look.  We’d see changes in furniture and seasonal decor.  Seeing just a bit made the apartment more interesting than if we had been able to see the whole thing.  Now that I’m in the house that’s being viewed by guests, I have a different appreciation for the viewers.  After all, now I’m the one that can’t go on the back porch in my PJ’s.

Windows are needed for several reasons, but let’s not underestimate how it allows us to view the world and others to view our world.

What window has allowed your imagination to run wild?


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    • You might be interested to know that I took this picture here in Bangkok at one of the oldest still standing libraries. It is quite beautiful inside and full of lovely wooden floors, books, and neat artifacts. You get the feeling you’ve stepped back in time when you visit!

  1. Your last point about imagining what is behind the windows resonated with me. I love it in warm summer evening when curtains haven’t been drawn to see a snippet of other lives & then for me to fill in the rest!

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