Day 317: An Awesome Treat With Your Coffee Or Tea


Try this treat to eat with your coffee and tea.

“Work is the meat of life, pleasure the dessert.” B.C. Forbes

It’s nearing holiday season and I’d like to start us off with a most delicious, heavenly treat called Chocolate Almond Brickle.   I usually prefer food to dessert, but I can say that this is a treat I can’t resist.

I first tried this recipe when I met a lovely lady who came to work in my husband’s office.  Since then, she’s become my good friend.  She owns a dairy farm in Colorado.  It intrigues me to imagine her on this farm with watch dogs, a beautiful cabin, and friendly neighbors not so near.

You need this information because she is the one who introduced me to this amazing treat.  It seems the milk from her dairy is used to make small boxes of this treat that sells for near $20.00 a box.  You might think that a steep price until you bite into this luscious snack.

Though you can make this recipe, you’ll probably have a hard time matching the recipe that’s sold online.

However, you should give it a try by clicking on the recipe link above:

You’ll first need on hand several cups of almonds, butter, brown sugar, and chocolate chips.  With these ingredients, it’s not hard to make something that tastes great.  Do remember that the thinner you make this (about a fourth an inch thick) the better it tastes.  Also, you’ll need to be patient, have a candy thermometer, and not be multitasking while making this treat.

Do you have a favorite snack for your coffee or tea time?


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