Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder


One can wonder if he doesn't lose that sense.

“An empty canvas is a living wonder… far lovelier than certain pictures.” Wassily Kandinsky

The boat rolled from behind a curtain and with it the coolness of dry ice that hovered over the audience.  You could say I was in a state of wonder when I first saw a professional stage production.  At an early age, I was absolutely hooked.

As a college student, I attended most productions on campus.  I once embarrassed myself snickering uncontrollably in the show Our Town, which was both serious and about death.  Otherwise, I’ve never moved from the wonder of the stage.

As an adult, I sometimes walk onto the stage just to smell it.  I’m still hooked.  “You can take the girl out of the play, but you can’t take the play out of the girl.” (mine)

Sometimes we forget to stop and allow ourselves the experience of wonder.  Did you stop and enjoy a sense of wonder at something you saw or felt today?


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    • Hey, I’m not a photographer but do love the daily posts. I will finish this 365 day challenge and be grateful to finish. We are working as missionaries here. Would love to hear more about your TCK connection there as I have 3 of them all grown now.

      Blessings to you!

      • Thank you very much…. I try to share experiences, especially about traveling and raising our kids… I’m no photographer… just passionate and do love the weekly challenges… Thanks for sharing your beautiful images!

  1. I like it. I put up a short post titled In Honor Of Veterans Day, I would love it if you could take time to read it. It is on word press but I also posted it to face book, I would have tagged you but I can’t figure out how to tag after some thing is posted. And I would like to add, Beautiful picture.

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