November 18: Our Gift Of Peace


Let there be peace!

“He that would live in peace and at ease must not speak all he knows or all he sees.” Benjamin Franklin

Twenty-two years ago today, we were given a gift of peace that arrived ten days late–just in time.  He  was healthy and blessed us all.  Today, he is still a gift of peace to us and to those who know him well.

I wanted my children to be superheros, I guess.   Having such high expectations of them was unreasonable.  Yet, all three have been better children and adults than I ever hoped to be at their ages.  We gave him the name that means gift of peace, and he has lived up to it.

Here are some ways I’ve seen him be a gift of peace:

1. Many call him friend.  My son and another child spent hours playing and talking even when young.  To watch small children develop deep friendships is something unique.  When things got stressful in our own family, our son seemed to be one with a word of peace–helping us see the truth in the situation.

2. He listens with both ears.  Many of us like to talk more than to listen, but people of peace need to listen, to empathise, and to get to the heart of a problem.  My son is comfortable with people of all ages, and many confide in him.

3. He gives what is needed. For some reason, homeless people tend to walk up and start talking to my son.  When it happens, he tries to give them what they need.  He is generous with his time, his money, his service, and his love.

4. He has an inner strength.  Real peace comes from the Prince of Peace.  I’m very grateful that our son finds his strength in God.

Those who best bring a gift of peace are those who have peace.  How do you share peace each day?


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  1. Claudia, can you tell I’m catching up on all your blogs today? Just wanted to say that your son is one in a million and we’re so glad we’ve been able to watch him grown into the man he is today. He is a blessing to many and that includes us!!

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