When Kids Speak the Truth-Darn It


Do you see what I see?

“I was walking down the street wearing glasses when the prescription ran out.” Steven Wright

It started two months ago.  One of my favorite students looked at me and said,  “When you did that musical, you looked so young, Mrs. Claudia.”  And now I look old….  Hum!  My husband reminded me that it’s the glasses.

Today is my second day to wear contacts.  True, I need an extra hour to get dressed, because now, I need to get up the nerve to shove these things in my eyes again.  I’ve heard people complain about contacts, but I always thought I’d be one of those people who could put in a contact easily.

My youngest daughter has now become my coach.  “You keep squinting your eye and shoving it into your eyelashes.”  On the first try, I tried for around 45 minutes until she finally  put the contacts in on about her second try.  My eyes were bright red and were dripping constantly, so I’m sure it didn’t add to a younger looking me.

Yesterday was my first full-day to wear contacts, and I got them in after only about 6 tries.  Still, my eyes watered for the first hour.  My girlfriend asked me if I was OK.  “Yes, I’m just managing my pride.”  I suppose it’s better to look sad than old?

Here are a  few things I’ve learned in this process:

1. It’s more important to see than to look good.  When I first got my glasses, my husband said, “You don’t need glasses.”  Unfortunately, I knew I could not see things on the side of the road, and my doctor told me that I wasn’t supposed to be squinting so much to see simple things.

2. When we start falling apart, we can only ignore it for a short period of time.  Regardless of what’s pulling us down health wise, whether eyes, a cold, or a turned ankle, it’s usually best to take care of it sooner rather than later.  We all know it, but somehow, we remain stubborn.

3. There are times when we have to humble ourselves and ask for help.  On the first try, I’m sure I would not have gotten my contacts in if it had not been for my daughter.  I wasn’t even going about the whole process correctly.  Being humble is not easy for some of us, but it’s the best way to get help.

Sometimes it takes a simple problem like eyesight  (or someone calling us old) to cause us to refocus.  What are some interesting things you’re seeing these days?


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  1. I m wearing glasses myself & I love it 🙂 It was needed when I started driving school 9 years ago. My eyes were so “bad” I could not see that it was my dad walking on the street, he first had to talk to me …That was so emberrassing…I don’t like contacts, I gave them one try at the shop – never ever again 😛

    Best regards, Frauke

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