Why I Hate Sports Day — Part Two


Let me in! I need a costume change!

“Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.” Satchel Paige

I’m posting once a day in 2011, so why is this the second sports day in the same calendar year?  Maybe you missed my first post about why I hate sports day.  In third grade, I sprained my ankle trying to catch a softball.  I knocked the wind out of myself when I missed the monkey bars, and I was generally the last person chosen for the team.  Really, I was too girly for sports.  Sunshine made me slightly faint, and I even got dizzy blowing my clarinet on the field in the marching band.  I love nature, if only I didn’t have to be outdoors.

Are there any other reasons why I hate sports day?  I can only think of a few hundred.  Nevertheless, here’s our plan of action:

Our Color – This year, we had to choose a color.  I chose black, because I was the last person to send in our team color.  I was sincerely hoping that the floods in Bangkok would knock some sense into the higher-ups that sports day should be cancelled in an effort to focus on the academics we missed.  Unfortunately, the higher-ups like sports more than I do. Who doesn’t?

Our Cheer -We’re 3C! We Rock! We’re Smokin’ Hot!  “Of course you can be the cheerleader!”–I told ten girls and one boy.  The great thing about third grade is that they don’t realize the cheer doesn’t even rhyme.  Seriously, the only good thing about the whole episode is that somebody wins a pizza party at the end.  Last year, we won, and if we don’t win this year, I’m buying the party stuff.  After all, we shouldn’t get out in that hot sun for nothing, right?  Also, with the looks of my sweet little class this year, I’m pretty sure we’re not going to win the “teamwork” award.

Our “Costume” – Since we’re wearing black, we needed a theme to set us apart.  “Smoking Hot” will allow us to spray our hair red and mold it upwards.  We’re going for a freaky look I guess.  I know about costumes, and honestly, the color of these “sports uniforms” lack a lot of imagination.  The bottom line is that jocks aren’t very color coordinated.  Whoever thought of those long knee socks for soccer?  Have you seen the bright green ones?  Behind any well dressed jock is a theatre lover who knows how to put together a decent costume.

So, it’s time for me to get up and get dressed.  In about eight hours, when this post comes out, it will all be over.  I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

What do you love about sports?  Please feel free to try to inspire me!


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  1. Sorry I Didn’t know you had such a hard time on the play ground. You said it would all be over by the time this was posted, so I hope wile you were in that hot sun you soaked up a little extra for me. It is 31 here this morning, BRRRRRRRRRRRR.

    So far as liking sports, most I can take them or leave them, but I do love fishing. Fishing is the only thing in this world I can do that takes my mind far away from all the troubles in the world.

    When I am fishing my mind locks in on only my surroundings, and what is going on at the business end of my line. It takes all my senses and concentrates them on one purpose, I guess that is why it relaxes me and takes away all the stress that life brings.

    If you want some inspiration, take your family fishing. Do something simple so everyone can catch fish, they don’t have to be big, or even eatable, just feel a tug on that line and you will be hooked.

    • Sorry it’s so cold there. The students were really cute yesterday. I was dressed crazily to try to keep me in the mood. They all did their cheer and were really excited! I’m proud of them. Fishing is fun. I can see why you like it. Hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. I love sports, but cause of my genetic disease & Fibromyalgia I can’t do much of it. Swimming, cycling, jogging – yes, that s awesome 🙂 Since April I m doing Zumba as well, but my heart belongs to my horse. Even without arms & legs I wouldn’t stop riding 🙂

    But I understand why you hate sports, often this happened to me also… 😛

  3. Maybe, I think, that sports isn’t really your thing! Have you been to a sports game(Like a Ballgame)and cheered your team on? I know I have and I do like sports!

  4. I find crossdressing to be a more than adequate workout for me. For starters, just walking in high heels does wonders to work the gastrocnemius muscles. Dancing in them works the entire leg. When I dress I normally try on at least five wigs before I decide which is best for my outfit and more often than not the wigs need to be brushed. After brushing out just three wigs my arms feel like I just played a set of tennis.

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