This River We Call Life


Life on the river marches on.

“Here, on the river’s verge, I could be busy for months without changing my place, simply leaning a little more to right or left.” Paul Cezanne

From time to time, we use the river taxi to travel from the political district in Bangkok.  On most auspicious occasions, it’s the best way  to avoid a heavy traffic jam.

Catching a glimpse of daily life there seems almost intrusive as I observe people carrying out daily routines.  They’ve become accustomed to onlookers and don’t seem to let it bother them.

It reminds me that I do quite the same.  Without changing a lot around me, I might get involved with a project that keeps me afloat but has little impact on my world.

Here are a few ways to get more involved in this river we call life:

1. Make an effort to improve someone else’s world. Yesterday, a very poor lady came to me.  I was expecting her to ask for something, and I found myself putting up a shield.  Actually, she was just a sweet little lady wanting to talk, but this encounter told me something about myself.  Deep down, I don’t want to be bothered by other people, and that is very wrong.  If I am unwilling to be put out a bit to help others, I’m never going to make a positive impact.

2. Spend less time on the facade and more time on the inside.  When we went to visit Macau, we found a beautiful road that led to a facade.  It was the perfect place to make pictures.  Unfortunately, meeting the people of the country told us something very different.  Wherever we went, we found the people rude.  Maybe it was just a fluke, but we could not wait to get back to Hong Kong and have never returned to Macau.  Some places on the river are also inviting.  Yet, the up close version doesn’t always play out.  As a rule, it’s best that we spend time improving our insides.  The outside is bound to shine brighter as the inside grows more beautiful.

3. Do everything with gusto.  Inevitably, we see someone splashing around in the river having fun.  The river is there to be enjoyed, and I tend to smile when I see someone laughing on its banks.  The river we ride continues to change.  It’s our job to take advantage of each unique moment.

Cezanne spent a lot of time painting apples, but his depiction of the river is also quite beautiful.  Though we have our daily chores, like painting apples, we can also show others a more beautiful view of this river we call life.

What are your impressions of the river?


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  1. I want to propose a river taxi for Birmingham. It’s the answer to highway 280! Liked the thoughts, C. Thought of another angle on the facade thiing–how hard it is to burrow through bad first impressions, like the your encounter with Macau. Only in finding some “insides” could you find something more substantial there. What hard work, though, this getting to the inside is!

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