Day 341: Cleaning Up Wild Kisses–The Very Idea


How about a trip to Paris for a "Wilde" kiss?

“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.” Oscar Wilde

Today, I read an article about Oscar Wilde’s grave.  An Irish man buried in France, he was passionate.  His tombstone has been washed clean of the pink and red lipstick stains left by fans.  As of December 1, the tomb is now cased in glass to avoid the mad kisses coming Wilde’s way for years.  In essence, his stone was being kissed to death.

Kissing a tombstone might not be considered dangerous, but Oscar Wilde believed that ideas should be.  How are ideas like a kiss?

Prepare for a wild kiss.  We all know to grab some breath mints, put on the right lipstick, and freshen ourselves when romance is in order.  Ideas also come when we prepare for them.  By gathering new materials, we are able to allow our creative juices to play around with new thoughts.  When we give ourselves reflecting and resting time, we set our environment right for creativity.

Kiss with passion.  If an idea is not memorable, it’s not likely to last.  Like a passionate kiss, the idea should be familiar, yet different enough to allure.

Know when to stop.  The best ideas are like a great kiss.  It is not overdone.  It keeps the mind dazzled, and it leaves the receiver wanting more.  A few companies seem to get this right.  IKEA has just come to Bangkok, and I believe they have got the concept right.  They introduce the right amount of new ideas that keep us going back for more.

The next time you think of wiping off that wild kiss, think again.  Ideas and wild kisses are not so very different.

What kinds of passionate ideas do you have in mind?


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