Day 342: Learning For Fun


Learning for fun is the kind of learning that sticks...

“Learning never exhausts the mind.”  Leonardo da Vinci

Our ballet teacher’s son had an amazing mind.  His parents each spoke a different language, and I watched how he went about collecting information even before he could talk well.  He once took my hand and led me to the other room where he tapped the top of his horse.  I realized that he needed the word “mane,”  but he didn’t know it in English.  “Mane,” I told him.  “The hair on the horse’s neck we call the mane.”  He then repeated it and started using it.  This child did intrigue me with his incredible need to learn.

Yesterday, our teachers had an opportunity to learn something new.  I loved the fact that so many of them came to a non-required meeting and had such enthusiasm while playing with two technology tools quite new to them.  There were questions I loved.  No one was trying to show off, and they were very willing to take risks.  When a person wants to learn, that’s the person I want to be around.

Here are my favorite types of learners:

Sponges – People who like soaking up something new are fun. These people know what’s out there, and they are passionate about it.  They introduce us to the fun stuff and get us excited about trying it too.

Yes People – These people listen to what we have to say, and then say “Yes.”  I love being around them and I especially love working for them.  Basically, I can add a”no” anytime I want.  I don’t need it from other people.  “Yes” people give out wings effectively.  I like wings.

Artists – I’m not sure what it is, since I am not a painter or a drawer, but I would surely say I’m artsy.  For some reason, I just mesh well with these people.  Last year, I made a deep connection with an artsy teacher.  We just had some kind of “idea chemistry” going.  Our ideas just kept bubbling up and feeding off of each other.  We would finally just have to put a lid on them in order to go home at night.

Crime Partners – I’ve loved working with one of my co-workers.  We go to conferences together and learn all we can.  When we’re on to something new, we can share it with each other.  We commit to learning together and have a blast doing it.

Da Vinci was right.  Learning energizes us!  If you’re like me, when you learn something new, you get energized and have to share it with someone.

Now, it’s your turn!  Quick–what are ten new things you’d like to learn?


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