Day 362: A Place For Everyone – Lumpini Park, Bangkok


Find your place at Lumpini Park.

“When I’m old I shall give up writing the big stuff and shall wander round the park thinking of songs.” George Lloyd

We’re pulling out the socks and hot chocolate today in Bangkok.  It’s cloudy with a chance of rain at a frigid 70 degrees, which is quite cold for our city.  Believe it or not, you’ll find all of the street dogs sporting winter clothes and people wearing long sleeves or jackets.  In a tropical city, it’s our cold season which brings on some special events at our fabulous public arena, Lumpini Park.

Whether you prefer running, walking at a hefty pace, sitting for a leisurely picnic, or joining the ranks of one of many exercise groups, you’ll find your place at Lumpini.  I love that people of all levels of society join together for public fun.

On Christmas night in Lumpini, we had the pleasure of hearing the free concert by the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra.  For 30 Baht (around $1) we rented a family mat, sat with our books, and awaited the concert.  In a crowd of about 2,000 we enjoyed the music–or mostly so–since the two men beside us chatted rudely throughout the concert.  We were on the outskirts and therefore also endured the booming music from the nearby aerobics class of about 250 people oblivious to the outstanding concert.

That’s how it is in Lumpini.  So many varieties of events happen at once that one just bumps right into the next.  To enjoy this plethora of activities, hop on over to Lumpini in the early morning or around 5 in the afternoon when the various groups are getting organized.  I enjoy seeing the senior citizens early in the mornings doing Tai Chi and then sipping hot tea over a morning news chat.

For variety, you’ll have a hard time finding a place more accommodating than Lumpini Park.  What’s your favorite hang-out?

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  1. I love the fact that a thousand people will all travel around the 2.5 km loop in the same direction! In the morning, there is a group that runs to the beat of the clap of the lead runner…which is so much better than the group that runs to the beep of the horn of the lead runner (that drives me crazy).

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