I’ve done a number of things in my life, but I find that I’m most happy when I’m creating something new!  I love my family, teaching school, directing musicals, and spending time with God.  I live in Bangkok, Thailand, where the weather is fantastic all year long!  I love trying new things and learning as much as I can.  I hope this new year brings inspiration to all of us!

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  1. I am so glad that I stumbled onto your blog. I find it refreshing and I love that you love God…me too! I am trying the blog thing..again..I like to write but blogging is new and scary at the same time. I feel more vulnerable blogging rather than writing in a journal.
    Anyway, I especially loved your blog about Tea Time…by the way, I will sit down soon over a cup of tea and have that imaginary conversation with an old friend. Love your ideas.
    Thanks for being out here and sharing.

  2. I ran into your blog through your day 17 post being freshly pressed (congratulations), and I immediately recognized the “1122” on the Pizza company box as being from Bangkok so I had to explore your blog. I spent 2 months this summer teaching English in Bangkok at a private Christian school and have a special place in my heart for Thailand, so I automatically am drawn to others (especially Christians) who are there 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog. We have a possibility of being in Bangkok within the year, so I always like to hear (see) friendly voices from there. How long have you lived there?

    • Glad to meet you and see your posts. By the way, we lived in San Francisco a couple of years! Wonderful city! We’ve been here for more than 20 years now. The Thai people are wonderful and some of our best friends! Blessings and Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping in at BrainCaviar!

  4. Hey Claudia. Thank you so much for leaving that comment on my blog. There’s something in the way you write things that makes me want to post stuff, which is exactly what I need to be doing. My latest post I owe to you, a little commentary on my life over the last few weeks. I am realizing now that it has been the support of bloggers like you that have enabled me to speak my mind. I thrive on encouragement. I have some challenges ahead, but this positive, authentic interaction makes me believe I can do it. Thank you.

    • Justin, I always enjoy your posts. I’m making a big change in my life as well, and I’ve enjoyed learning about you through these posts. School is taking all of my time at the moment, but I’ll be back to posting soon! Blessings to you, Justin. Keep the faith!

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