Day 282: An Apple A Day Keeps Everyone Happy


This post was written on my MacBook...photographed here.

“The core value that differentiates Apple is our ability to innovate.” Ron Johnson

Have you been in an Apple store lately?  There you will find young people spending a few minutes or even hours playing and experimenting with tools they want and hope to soon own.

Young people know Apple products whether or not they have them.  This is one of the ingenious strategies that keeps Apple floating even in a poor economy.

A few days ago, my husband went to see whether or not the warranty was still valid on his iPod, which Apple had already replaced twice for him.  Since my husband uses the iPod while exercising, my daughter commented, “You’ve got to get yourself a protector for your new one.  All of that sweat is the reason it keeps breaking.”

During an interaction between Apple, my husband, and my daughter, I learned something about Apple’s success.

Apple taught my daughter to be their sales agent.  With the expired warranty, my husband began to show an interest in buying a new product.  The Apple agent noticed it and quietly walked near to be of assistance.  He smiled and observed something he probably observes all day long.

My daughter walked my husband around to all of the products giving him the pros and cons of each.  The Apple dealer knew that she was correct and listened quietly, ready to help if needed.  We didn’t buy that day, but I’m sure we will.  My husband will buy the product my daughter recommends within his price range.

Apple married technology and art. With the passing of Steve Jobs, I’m sure many of us have reminisced about our experiences with Apple and its products.  I was a computer programmer in Mill Valley, California, back in the Dot Prompt days of the mid 80’s.  I was convinced that Mac would flop.  I was wrong!  Having children who are artists made me aware of the ways in which Apple has provided for artists through amazing design tools, video tools that hook even small children, and products that give users a way to create things they may have only dreamed possible.

Apple’s success is evident. The idea that “people with passion can change the world for the better” is at the core of the Apple company.  They understand the need for people to “Think different.”

Are we innovators?  Have we inspired others with our products and services?

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  1. I don’t have an Apple story as I am still a diehard PC user. But I will probably make the switch since everyone in my office and now my sister are all Apple users. It would be an easier choice if their laptop was cheaper AND if I didn’t have to learn my way around the programs.

    I do like your ending questions, Claudia. I am not one to stay “stuck” on doings things the way we’ve always done them. But I have noticed lately that I don’t share or promote all the ideas I have because I am afraid I’ll have to do them, And right now I feel like I have enough on my plate. But I am also feeling like God wants to have a say in my decision.

    • I swore off the Mac and then came back to bite my words. I can tell you now that I just love it. There was an adjustment period, but even from the start, there were obvious advantages. Hope you are well these days! We are into some heavy flooding.

  2. Although it is usually the other way around, one good reason for us to use macs is that wp caters to them. They have twice told me my troubles with wp are because I do not use a mac, that wp is designed to work best with macs. Hmm. If only I could justify the cost, just for the pleasure of blogging?

    • In the olden days, I was a programmer. I’d have never dreamed that I would have a Mac. Really, I’m sold. It took me about a week to be happy about the change over. That’s pretty good for a programmer!

      For artists, it’s the best. Also, not worrying about viruses. Really, it’s awesome! Go for it if you can and if you have a Mac user that can help you make the switch. There are so many wonderful things about it.

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